What’s happening in the jewellery world

What’s happening in the jewellery world

Natural white Diamonds have decreased in value due to the oversupply and lack of demand of polished natural white diamonds and the competitive Lab Grown diamond market. In reponse, the Global diamond sector has put a pause to all cutting and release of rough diamonds which should stabilise the prices and create demand again. Pink and Yellow Diamonds have not been affected by these trends and they still hold their price, if not, increased in value as have the Natural Sapphires and Rubies.

By now you would have all heard about Lab Grown Diamonds. 
In America, approximately 50% of diamond sales are Lab Grown Diamonds. The market is still very much in it’s early phases, so it is not very well governed, therefore the quality and range of Lab grown diamonds is huge, including stones that are poor quality, but then you have some amazing lab grown diamonds being produced. At Stelios Jewellers, we have a close relationship with both our Natural Diamond suppliers and our Lab Grown suppliers. We only deal with companies that produce the highest grade stones and we ensure we educate our clients on both options.

All in-one engagement ring and wedding band. Clients are becoming more creative and the rules have gone out the window. We are loving seeing these new trends come through to the store and our Designers are getting creative and coming up with beautiful bespoke pieces to match our clients demands. 
Who says you need two rings… why not create one big ring!
Check out these custom pieces that we have designed for clients to act as both a wedding and engagement ring.

We have also seen the traditional white diamond engagement ring being replaced by coloured Gemstones. Natural Sapphires in all colours of the rainbow are being used as well as Morganite and Padparadscha stones.

Introducing our new sister company StellaSun.
After our vacation to Greece, we fell in love with some hand made jewellery made in Athens.
We contacted the supplier and left as family members. We will now be supplying this beautiful jewellery through our online store StellaSun. We have just received our first shipment and we are in the process of creating our online store.
Follow us on Instagram for updates and we look forward to launching soon.
Instagram account: stellasun_jewellery

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