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Rose Gold, White and Yellow Gold & Platinum Engagement Rings

Our beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings are here to make the greatest statement of love. Diamond engagement rings are an extremely popular option for many couples with their stunning timelessness and everlasting strength. For many years, Stelios Jewellers has been proudly handcrafting spectacular diamond engagement rings at our studio in Perth, WA.

At Stelios Jewellers, we offer you a range of pristine and elegant cuts to choose from. From classic white diamonds to argyle pink and champagne diamonds, we have a heavenly selection that’ll dazzle and delight. Remember, no two diamonds are alike!

Each diamond ring is set atop a perfectly crafted setting. For a classic look, choose a yellow or white gold diamond engagement ring that emanates elegance and charm. Make a statement with a rose gold engagement ring glowing with a warm, rosy hue and contemporary extravagance. Looking for something that shines with raw beauty? Our brilliant platinum diamond engagement rings radiate understated elegance and a delicate touch, made from one of the rarest precious metals in the world. No matter your choice, Stelios Jewellers is committed to sparkling you with delight with our lovingly handcrafted designs.

Your Journey to the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Part of our journey with our clients is educating them along the way, particularly around both the quality and value of each diamond we source.

Understanding how value is attributed to each unique diamond by what is known as the ‘five C’s’.  These five C’s are made up of key fundamental attributes which include the carat (weight), the colour, the clarity, the cut and, critically, the confidence which is an accurate diamond grading certificate of authenticity.

Our jewellers will run through each of the five C’s with you personally and explain each diamond’s beauty and value.  From there, our experienced jeweller will work with you to design the ring and pair this up with a precious metal of your choosing, such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or even platinum engagement rings.

Our highly experienced jewellers offer a unique experience at Stelios Jewellers, in which we create a 3D image of your piece. Essentially, we offer a 3D silver model that allows you to try-on your diamond ring and enables them you to make those small changes to perfect your piece.  After all, you will be wearing this piece for life.

The design process of each ring is custom to what our clients want, what they may have seen previously or even from a similar design we may have already created however, further refined to be custom and unique. To start your journey, get in touch with our expert jewellers on (08) 9481 0548 or come visit us at our Perth store today.

Coloured Stones Sourced by Stelios

Our coloured engagement rings are thoughtfully crafted with the finest gemstones and diamonds sourced from across the globe.

Rest assured knowing that our coloured stones are sourced ethically and crafted to your engagement ring specifications in-store. Harnessing the power and beauty of these coloured gemstones, we are set on creating an engagement ring truly beautiful and unique for you.

Best of all, each of our engagement ring styles can be altered and tailored to your liking, should you consider opting for a custom-crafted ring. To us, there is nothing more rewarding than presenting you with the final design that you desire.

Whether acting as a centrepiece or a complimentary side diamond, our Pink Diamonds are a truly gorgeous element to include in your final coloured diamond engagement ring design.

Both subtle and breathtaking, this unique diamond features a shade of pink that catches the light brilliantly. If you are searching for an engagement ring that speaks for itself, our pink diamond engagement rings are a standout. 

Shop Coloured Stone Engagement Rings at Stelios

Leap into a world of vibrancy with our coloured diamond or stone engagement rings, perfectly poised and ready for you to wear. From sparkling champagne diamonds to pink and yellow diamonds and dazzling sapphires, finding you the perfect gemstone engagement ring is our ultimate mission.

Please contact Stelios Jewellers to discuss any custom designs or to book an appointment to view our coloured engagement rings in the comfort of our showroom today.

Shop our stunning collection of coloured gemstone engagement rings online now, all designed and handcrafted with the greatest care in our workshop. Please contact Stelios Jewellers on (08) 9481 0548 to discuss any custom designs or to book an appointment to view our coloured engagement rings in the comfort of our Perth showroom located at 145 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn. 

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