Pink Diamonds as Investment Pieces

Fancy that? In a world crammed full of precious gems, it is right here in Australia (the lucky country indeed!) that 90 per cent of the planet’s ultra-rare and mesmerising pink diamonds are found.

So let’s understand why people in Australia, and around the world, wait years for the chance to invest in a pink diamond, and see how Stelios Jewellers can make it easier for you to own your own pink diamond investment.

Why you should consider investing in pink diamonds

Sourced from Western Australia’s Kimberley region, the supply of high quality pink diamonds is finite. This means once the mine closes, the return on investment will skyrocket from its already lofty heights.

If demand does exceed supply, the current yearly return of up 20 per cent of the gem’s value is expected to rise stratospherically. That’s one heck of a promise as already the life of a pink diamond sees a total average growth of… wait for it… over 350 per cent.

In fact since the early 2000’s, prices have never dropped on pink diamonds. It’s why many investors use their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to invest in rare pink diamonds – to avoid volatile stock market upheaval.

Sourcing pink diamonds

So how do you source something that’s either locked up in someone’s safe or yet to be released by a mine or wholesaler?

You contact Stelios Jewellers. As a certified pink diamond expert, they have the finest connections and suppliers. They know when a release is on the horizon and also stock one of the largest ranges of pink diamonds in Perth.

Stelios Jewellers could already be storing a client’s prized possession that is ready to be handed to the next owner.

Not only do they know how to find the next rare gem, but Stelios also has the practised jewellers’ eye to tell the difference between a jewellery-grade and an investment-grade pink diamond. Both still seen as rare gems, the jewellery-grade pink diamond would have less structured character traits like a softer hue, a smaller stone or lower clarity. This paves the way for a jewellery setting.

Investment-grade pink diamonds are never worn and purely seen as a fast appreciating investment.

How to get into the market

Don’t be dissuaded by the rarity of the pink diamond. It is possible to break into the market but first you need to make contact with the right people. So first things first, contact the expert team at Stelios Jewellers. They’ll be happy to conduct a private, confidential meeting to discuss your desires.

Storing your diamonds

Stelios Jewellers has a safe, secure storage facility. It is fully insured and approved by all ASIC and superannuation legislation, or they can connect you to another establishment to have your pink diamond valued and stored.

Case Study: the most expensive diamond ever sold at Christies

A recent auction at Christie’s in Geneva is the perfect example of the rare air that pink diamond investment holds in the world of expensive gems.

In November 2018, American jeweller Harry Winston laid down a world record price of $50.4 million US for a rectangular cut 18.96 carat fancy-vivid-pink stone. The most expensive pink diamond that Christie’s has ever sold, its beauty drew the attention of collectors across the globe with over 30,000 people viewing the diamond in the previews before the sale.

A purchase that big gets you some illustrious rights with its new owner renaming the stone formerly known as the Pink Legacy to the Winston Pink legacy.

Pink diamond investment truly is a new level of capital earning and the great news is it is within your grasp, all thanks to the knowledge and connections of Stelios Jewellers. So if your SMSF is in need of a boost, or it’s always been a dream to add some pink blush to your nest egg, speak to the experts who know how to put you in touch with your dream. The jewellers at Stelios Jewellers await your call.

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