Treat yourself with a new set of pearl earrings from Stelios Jewellers. Crafted using the finest pearls sourced from the Australian South Sea, our pearl earrings range from the classic stud design to the sheer luxury of pearl drop earrings.

With over 20 years of experience on hand, our jewellers are proud to present our handcrafted range of pearl earrings, embodying both lustre and charm for the years to come.

Australian South Sea Pearls

Timeless, modern and beautifully designed, our pieces have been created to bring out the natural beauty of Australian South Sea pearls while ensuring joy with every wear.

Recognised across the world for their stunning value, Australian South Sea pearls are amongst the most prized pearls – with each being unique in its own right. Each singular pearl has been hand-selected and harvested from the pristine waters off Australia’s north-west coast with the best quality in mind.

Amongst the characteristics considered in the selection of our Australian South Sea pearls are its colour, shape, size and complexion. At Stelios Jewellers, we ensure there is no compromise to each of these distinct qualities.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Truly, pearl studs are a staple in any jewellery collection. Exuding an understated elegance unlike any other, our variety of pearl stud earrings are skilfully designed to any taste.

If you happen to be browsing our range with someone else in mind, our pearl stud earrings act as the perfect gift no matter the occasion. Be it a graduation, anniversary or birthday, the lucky recipient of your gift will be sure to wear their new pearl earrings with pride.