Stelios Palioudakis

I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. That is how I got into jewellery. I completed my apprenticeship at a renowned jeweller in Perth and was selected as a finalist in the Australian Jewellery Awards. I refined my craft and over the years began to get a lot of word-of-mouth referral. I established a loyal following and Stelios Jewellers was born.

I love precious stones, the stories behind how they are mined and the process they go through before I get them.

I love what I do and more importantly, I enjoy sharing my passion with my clients. To take a concept from the rough stages to a polished piece of jewellery is an amazing journey and to see my clients’ faces light up when they see their custom made piece of jewellery is the highlight of my day.

I look forward to assisting you at our premises, 514 Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia.

Andy – Store Manager/Jeweller

I became a Jeweller after starting a career as an after school engraver. A passion for Art and design led to the beginning of my 7 year apprenticeship in New Zealand. I then moved to London to further my learning before settling in Perth. Here I have worked for some of Perth’s elite Jewellers and also my own brand before joining The Stelios team.

The thing I most enjoy about jewellery is creating unique and special pieces to be passed down through the generations.
I enjoy the wonderful clients we meet, where years on, close friendships are still maintained. Exceeding clients expectations by bringing a design to life is very fulfilling.

I feel that the biggest challenge is staying ahead with cutting edge and innovative designs, using a mixture of traditional and modern technology.
Correctly educating clients on the intricacies of purchasing their Diamonds and gemstones and maintaining world class standards and creativity under time pressures can also be quite challenging.

I am an avid cyclist and on the weekends can be found chasing my two girls and puppy around as well as renovating our family home.

Matt – Jeweller

I actually became a jeweller by accident. After I realised the futility of university I needed a career. I was doing a collection of short courses at tafe including jewellery and object design and became enamoured by the art and science of working with precious metals.

I enjoy the challenge that jewellery brings. Every day brings new problem solving and creative opportunity. There’s an intrinsic pleasure from the precise application of your honed skill set and then basking in the appreciation from others in a completed piece representing hours and hours of your time and effort.

The most challenging part of being a jeweller is balance. Jewellery is physically, mentally and emotionally draining. You can pour your heart and soul into a piece only to have it all come undone in an instant of inattention or even by no fault of your own. Balancing art, metal working and time to help a customer achieve their desire is a knife edge of anxiety.

We are lucky in a sense that our job is so engaging and stimulating that you rarely need to go home and find fulfilment in some distracting hobby after a 9-5 grind. However, I do enjoy reading and my interests include history and the ocean. I’ve recently been given new purpose in life in the form of my firstborn son. You’ll find me on the weekend teaching him what I can about this world.

Scott – Jeweller

I’ve always had a keen interest in Engineering and manufacturing and being somewhat creative, jewellery was suggested as a possible career choice. The aspect of my job that I find the most rewarding would be seeing the customer’s reaction when they see their finished piece of jewellery for the first time.

I enjoy the problem solving component to the job, also the creative licence involved with manufacturing of the jewellery for clients.

My hobbies include playing guitar/music and riding dirt bikes. On the weekend you can see me at a gig or out in the bush riding motorbikes.


I studied jewellery design and manufacturing for three years when I finished high school. I went on to get a design traineeship at an elite Perth jeweller where I did scale drawings for the workshop and learnt other aspects of the business.
Jewellery has a timelessness that I love. I love that it marks occasions and the sentiment and stories that attach themselves to each piece. Plus I just love metal and the problem solving of making something work.
It’s exciting! I am a mum to two little boys – they are my greatest creations. I also love nature, old music, exercise, drawing and making jewellery.
On the weekend I can be found with my boys, our animals, at a concert, at the beach or at my bench.


Quality and craftsmanship second to none

To create a beautiful piece of jewellery, you not only need years of training, expertise and skill but high quality materials. Stelios Jewellers sources high end diamonds and stones to ensure the finished piece of jewellery is perfect. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted making every piece unique.

TV Segment on the Stelios process.

A glimpse into the creative process. Pieces can be chosen from the showroom, or have your own custom made piece of jewellery designed and created by Stelios Jewellers.