Stelios Jewellers is thrilled to be the Jeweller for Miss Universe Australia.

Miss Universe Australia pageant provides a platform for the country’s most talented, educated and beautiful women. It empowers women of all backgrounds and cultures.

When we were approached by Miss Universe Australia and the opportunity to design the new crown, we were very excited. The crown was designed by Stelios and Justin Martin, an Indigenous artist from Djurandi Dreaming. It was influenced by traditional Nyungar art. The round diamond circles represent water holes whilst the line work represents the landscape. The pear shaped diamonds on the end of the lines represent spears for hunting. A symbolic dedication to the First People of the country.

A big thank you to Miss Universe Australia for allowing us to be a part of this amazing experience and a big congratulations to Maria Thattil, the 2020 Miss Universe Australia.

Browse our gallery for behind the scenes. All jewellery supplied by yours truly.

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