Michael and Candice

My partner Candice loves pink diamonds, and I wanted to incorporate them into an engagement ring to propose to her. After visiting several jewellers in Perth, I chose Stelios to craft the ring, and he was helpful, insightful, and amazing throughout the entire process.

After getting some ideas from his stock rings, we settled on a design, and Stelios scoured the globe to find stones which fit within our budget. He produced 3D-printed mock-ups to help us review and tweak the design, and the end result was exquisite and exactly what we wanted. I surprised Candice with the ring during a hike at Bells Rapids, and she said, “Yes!”

We kept our engagement to ourselves for many months. However, at the end of last year we flew to Broome to elope, and now the secret’s finally out! Stelios also provided our wedding rings, which we absolutely love.

If you’re looking for someone to make a unique and striking piece within your budget, I can wholeheartedly recommend Stelios, the best jeweller in Perth.

– Michael Cheong

Photos by @julia_rau_photography

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