Dear Investor,

Why consider diversifying your investment portfolio with diamonds from a mine that will be depleted within two years?

Whether you’re a first time investor, sophisticated investor or SMSF Trustee, rare pink, red and blue diamonds offer unparalleled investment opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio with the following added advantages.

  • Access to the very best stones from the diamond mine, which has less than two years worth of stock remaining at current output levels;
  • Low levels of risk, which through proper management, can be reduced even further;
  • Outstanding growth rates, unparalleled in the financial markets;
  • Liquidity and portability, across borders and generations;
  • Ethically sourced stones, highly sought after by investors worldwide.

Investment quality, coloured diamonds are among the most rare and valuable commodities on the planet.

All diamonds are beautiful, but unless their quality and origin are exceptional, they would not generally be considered good investments.

NFCDs from mines with depleted or dwindling stocks, are more highly sought after than those from mines with an abundant supply.

Stelios Jewellers currently specialise in red, blue and pink diamonds from the renowned WA Diamond Mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. With an estimated 120 tender quality pink diamonds remaining in the mine, all WA diamonds currently in circulation and any still to be mined, should be regarded as rare commodities indeed.

Pink, red and blue diamonds are rare, with less than 0.01% of all diamonds mined globally being classified as Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds (NFCDs) which is an industry term to describe coloured diamonds such as those found in the Argyle Certified mine.

If NFCD’s had a rarity scale,

  • An NFCD would have a rarity scale of 7/10.
  • An investment grade NFCD would have a rarity scale of 9/10.

Investment grade NFCDs exhibit extremely high qualities in their Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut, which makes them sought after by collectors and investors around the world.One of the features of a good investment, is an active re-sale market to provide sellers with buyers, and both with a means to establish a fair value, when the time comes to sell.The maturity of the market for NFCD’s generally and Argyle Certified diamonds particularly, not only here in Australia but around the globe, is one of it’s most attractive selling points

What people are saying

Anne Barrett

I needed guidance to learn about Investment gem stones. I searched the web site and decided on Stelios, as he has a separate heading for Investment. After about an hour of discussing the logistics of buying an investment stone – what is giving the best return, storage, insurance, resale and the likely best return that i could expect. I also learnt about the importance of colour, clarity and the pros and cons of each cut..

Stelios worked to get me the best stone at my stated price. Not once did he suggest that I spend more money.

Do I trust Stelios? My actions speak louder than my words.


“Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend…”

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are tangible and uniquely multi-purpose assets unlike shares, bonds and other financial instruments.

“Since diamonds are tangible assets, they can be insured against loss or damage, especially when the diamond in question is set in jewelry, which is a great comfort to investors. Intangible assets like stock will never have this insurance option!” – Mark Kiesel PIMCO

A diamond will continue to appreciate in value, while adorning the hand or neck of a beautiful woman, with no cost to the asset itself. A diamond will look exactly the same in 1,000 years, as it did on the day it was polished, even if someone takes it out to wear everyday

Diamond Ring with Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds by Stelios Jewellers in Perth


Investment diamonds and rare gemstones are the world’s most portable form of wealth, enabling you to carry millions of dollars in your pocket.

Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds represent an incredible concentration of wealth compared to any other asset in the world.

The amount of value that is packed into 1 gram of investment grade NFCD far outstrips that of other asset. Depending on the year and date, such expensive assets as a bar of gold, a bar of platinum, or even an expensive work of art do not pack in as much value into one gram as an NFCD!

As an example, a 1 gram (5ct) Fancy Vivid Pink diamond has been worth $10 million, while 1 gram of gold on the same day was worth only $35!

Investing in diamonds and gold
“One kilo gold bar in the palm of your hand; value AUD$55,000 (Jan 2016) – A 1.2ct Pink Diamond on your fingertip; value AUD$1.5 million (Jan 2016)”