The powerful reds of an investment quality diamond are truly magnificent, ranging from crimson hues through to the bright reds of a perfectly ripe strawberry

More have been found in recent years, but red diamonds are still considered to be one of the rarest varieties. The largest known red diamond ever found is the 5 carat triangular cut Moussaieff Diamond, found in the 1990’s by a farmer in Brazil.

What makes this diamond so unique is that most of the red diamonds ever found have been much smaller, tending to be smaller than half a carat in size.


Red diamonds have been found mostly from the Diamond Mine in Western Australia, and occasionally from Minas Gerais in Brazil. Red diamonds exhibit many of the same characteristics as pink diamonds, however they have a lower tone and a higher saturation.


Investment Red Diamonds
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A diamond becomes red when heat pressure deep within the earth cause the crystal lattice of a diamond to distort. These distortions cause the diamond crystal to absorb green light and impart a red hue. This can often be seen in parallel bands within the diamond. Red diamonds can be modified by orange, brown, and purple.



The strength of colour is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural colour diamond. The value of a natural colour diamond increases with the intensity of the most prominent colour within the diamond.

Red Diamonds Rarity and Value Chart

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