We source our investment grade Argyle Certified pink diamonds direct and have one of the largest ranges in Perth. The scarcity of pink diamonds’ means they are highly prized for both custom jewellery pieces and as an investment.

We are experts in pink diamonds and can provide all of these services:

  • Pink diamond education
  • Pink diamond investment
  • Pink diamonds for superannuation
  • Pink diamond for syndicate or portfolio management

We also offer a safe, secure storage facility for your investment Argyle Certified pink diamonds and precious gems, which is fully insured and approved by all ASIC and superannuation legislation.


Pink diamonds have only been found in a few mines across the world. The rich Golconda region in India and the Minas Gerais region of Brazil produced notable diamonds in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the Argyle mine in Western Australia is the source of the vast majority of the world’s supply (90%) and is renowned for yielding the hugely coveted full-bodied hot pink diamonds.

argyle pink diamond by Stelios Jewellers in Perth
Argyle Diamonds by Stelios Jewellers in Perth


Diamonds become pink when heat and pressure deep within the earth cause the crystal lattice to distort.

These distortions cause pink diamonds to absorb green light, which imparts a pink colour. This can often be seen as parallel bands within the diamond.

Pink Diamonds may be modified by orange, brown or purplish colour.


The strength of colour is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural colour diamond, which increases with the intensity of the most prominent colour within it.

Pink Diamonds Rarity and Value Chart

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