“Exceptional things will always sell for exceptional prices” - Christie’s New York

Demand for rare, investment quality gemstones has continued to grow on the back of limited worldwide supply.

The principals of economics determine this to be one of the fundamentals of a good investment. Another two fundamentals are the price you buy at and the price you sell at. The most promising investment may prove to be worthless if you don’t pay careful enough attention to these two variables.

Buy at the right price

Paying retail is acceptable for many purchases, but investment quality diamonds and gemstones isn’t one of them.

Why pay a premium for gemstones bought from a retail shop with large overheads and profit margins, potentially requiring you to hold onto your investment for twice as long to see a return?

Specialist wholesale diamond and gemstone dealers like Stelios Jewellers source, cut, and polish rough stones specifically for investors like you. This means you can buy an investment diamond or gemstone for a more competitive price and with a personalised service.

Sell at the right price

When the time comes to liquidate your investment, you have three options:

  • Sell your stones privately
  • Sell your stones at International Diamond fairs
  • Place your stones on consignment with an experienced, specialist investment gemstone jeweller.

Option 1 may provide you with the greatest financial return on your diamond investment, but not everyone has the expertise or industry network to find the right buyer and negotiate the best price.

Options 2 and 3 will usually deliver the current wholesale market price but the profit realised on the sale of the investment diamond or stone will largely be determined by the initial purchase price. The best way to avoid overpaying on quality gemstones or mistakenly buying less marketable gemstones, is to get advice from a qualified, specialist investment diamond and gemstone dealer.

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