Hello, November!

Hi friends!

We hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas and finally some warmer weather here in Perth!

Cut off dates for custom Christmas orders

Our workshop is currently full of action and excitement making your bespoke pieces in time for Christmas.

Our general lead time for custom made jewellery is 4-6 weeks and as such now really is the time to reach out if you were hoping to give a Stelios gift or engagement ring during the Christmas period. We’d love to help.

Depending on the complexity of the piece, our cut off for custom made Christmas orders this year will be the 30th of November. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee pre-Christmas collection for orders placed after this date.

If you miss your chance for a custom piece don’t fret, we have a vast range of beautiful engagement rings and other gorgeous gift ideas in store and online.

Which finger, which meaning?

When a couple become engaged it is well known that the ring finger is the one chosen to wear the new piece. In Western culture most commonly on the left side. The same finger is also usually the one to have the wedding band. However in many cultures the engagement ring and / or wedding band is worn on the right ring finger, sometimes then moved onto the left after marriage, or even one worn on each opposite ring finger. It is believed the origin of this custom stems from an ancient Roman belief that a vein travels directly from the ring finger to the heart. It is called the ‘vena amoris’ or ‘vein of love’.

Read on for some lesser-known ring wearing symbolism:

Left Pinkie Finger: In the 19th century some men wore two pinkie finger rings to symbolise marriage. It’s also the spot for signet rings, family crests and can be an indicator of associations with organised crime and mafia connections. Eeek!

Right Pinkie Finger: Sometimes a ring on the right pinkie finger can be indicative of the wearer’s professional status, such as a Degree in a certain area of study.

Index Finger: Hundreds of years ago, men would wear family crest or signet rings on one of their index fingers to symbolize wealth and their social ranking. People below a certain rank were once banned from wearing a ring on their index fingers.

History and tradition are interesting, often ridiculous, but here we are more of the belief of just doing you. Wear that ring wherever you like!

Lastly: Put A Ring on It

Congratulations Molly Tarbett, who won our recent giveaway of a $10,000 bespoke Stelios piece. We cannot wait to get designing with you!

Until next time!

Much Love,

The Stelios Team

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