Gratitude, Precious Metals And Father’s Day


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Whilst many parts of the world and now much of the East coast of Australia are under lock down restrictions due to COVID-19, we are extremely fortunate to be operating as normal here in Perth. Words can’t express how grateful we are for this, we realise we are exceptionally lucky right now.

We would like to take this opportunity to let our clients and business associates around Australia and the world know that they are in our thoughts at this challenging time and that we are sending you big love.

SPOTLIGHT:  Gold & Platinum

We are often asked: “Which is the best carat gold to have my jewellery manufactured in? Should I choose Gold or Platinum?”

The short answer is that there is really no right or wrong, it depends on a variety of factors; such as budget, how you wear your jewellery and colour preference.
We’ve compiled a little breakdown for you on the main precious metals we work with….read on!

Gold in it’s pure form is extremely soft; you could bend it with your fingers. Therefore we need to alloy it to increase its durability which means add other metals into the mix!

The metals added depend on the desired carat and colour. For example, 18ct Gold is 75% pure Gold and 25% alternative metals. 14ct Gold is 58.5% pure Gold and 41.5% alternative metals. 9ct Gold is 37.5% pure Gold and 62.5% alternative metals.

The alternative metals added include (but are not limited to) Silver, Copper, Zinc and Palladium. Different metal types are added to achieve different shades of Gold; Yellow, White and Rose Gold are the most classic choices but did you know there is even Green and Purple Gold?

The majority of Stelios Jewellers pieces are manufactured in 18ct Gold, which we find a great balance of colour and durability.

Platinum is a unique, naturally white metal that only requires a small amount of alternative metal added to its alloy to achieve durability. It’s generally 95% pure Platinum and 5% alternative metal.

The alternative metals added to Platinum include Iridium and Ruthenium.

Platinum is denser and softer than Gold and also behaves quite differently to Gold for the Jeweller working with it. Platinum has historically been more costly than Gold yet with Gold prices rising recently it’s currently a very affordable and beautiful choice.

So, as we said….. all very unique properties and no right or wrong!


Lastly: Who’s your Daddy?


Father’s Day is fast approaching…. this coming Sunday the 5thof September!

We have many gift options for Dad in store such as rings, neoprene and beaded bracelets, chains, cuff links and tie pins or an easy gift voucher…..pop in for a look!

We hope all the wonderful Dads out there have a special day being celebrated.

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