At Stelios Jewellers, we pride ourselves on providing you and your partner with the perfect engagement ring. As a symbol of commitment and love, the ideal engagement ring is one that will astound while leaving a meaningful and lasting impression.

Behind our doors is a dedicated team who understands exactly how important finding the right ring is. As one of the best jewellers in Australia, our owner-operator Stelios Palioudakis leads the team at Stelios Jewellers with his exceptional craftsmanship and eye for design. From start to finish, we are here to guide you through the process and turn your vision for your engagement ring into a reality. Across our range, we ensure that you will be dealing with nothing but the best in ready-to-wear and custom rings.

Engagement Ring Styles

With an array of engagement ring styles, we give you the freedom to choose from our range of ready-to-wear pieces. Select a sleek, modern design or even one of our art deco engagement rings. If you are after something especially reminiscent, our vintage style engagement rings will be the perfect option for you.

Best of all, each of our engagement ring styles can be altered and tailored to your liking, should you consider opting for a custom-crafted ring. To us, there is nothing more rewarding than presenting you the final design that you desire.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Our beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings are here to make you and your new fiancé the talk of the town. Known for their eternal strength and timeless look, diamond engagement rings are an extremely popular option for many couples and continually stand the test of time.

From our studio to our store display, we offer you a range of pristine and elegant cuts to choose from. Remember, no two diamonds are alike!

Precious Metals

When choosing a coloured metal for your engagement ring, it’s essential to take the preferences of the ring wear into account. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold are proving to be sought-after choices which we can readily satisfy. Above all, we recommend choosing a colour happily desired by both you and your partner – otherwise, our engagement ring experts will be more than happy to give you advice.

As part of our custom services, other metal types may be discussed upon your private consultation.

Coloured Engagement Rings

Having risen in popularity, coloured engagement rings are a magnificent way to show off some extra flair. Whether you are a lover of vibrantly coloured diamonds or gem stones in a particularly unique shade, we can help you to incorporate colours that represent you best. After all, what is life without a splash of colour?

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Hoping to have a specific design catch your eye? Simply browse our range of ready-to-wear pieces online, or book an appointment for our showroom to see our stunning engagement rings in person.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to design your own custom-crafted engagement ring, please get in touch with Stelios Jewellers today.