Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

engagement ring trends

It’s not only dresses that set popular wedding trends every year. Don’t forget the conversation piece that gets wedding bells swinging in the first place – the engagement ring.

If you’re ready to pop the question to your bride-to-be in 2019, you’re probably wondering if rose gold is the new popular choice? And do diamonds still top the list? Here with the answers to the trend-setting lowdown are the renowned craftsmen at Stelios Jewellers.


coloured diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Coloured diamonds

Why let the white diamonds have all of the glory? Yellow diamonds. Pink diamonds. Even blue if you can find and afford one – a coloured diamond is the glittering prize for 2019, promising it will be noticed for its vibrancy as much as its sparkle.

argyle pink diamond engagement ring

Pink Diamonds

If you really want to blow your sweetheart’s mind, step up to a stunning pink diamond. Not only perfect as an investment piece, the craftiest of artisan jewellers like Stelios understand how to make this rare gem breathtaking.

With the availability of Argyle Certified pink diamonds set to become even rarer over the coming years, you’ll see your love and your investment grow!

pear shaped diamond ring with halo

Halo Rings

A halo design is characterised by a gem centrepiece that is ringed by a smaller set of stones. Often it’s a diamond in the centre but Stelios Jewellers quickly add that you can easily swap it for a coloured stone. As an added bonus, a small circle of diamonds can help a centre stone to appear larger than it is!vintage style

Vintage Style

Definitely, on the comeback in 2019, there is a big push not only to source actual vintage diamond engagement rings but also have the likes of Stelios Jewellers create some bespoke vintageappeal. Vintage styles can vary from Edwardian, Art Deco, Victorian and Mid-Century.


art deco diamond ring

Art Deco Rings

Originating in the 1920s, Art Deco engagement rings combine striking symbols, colours and patterns. The trilogy design, for example, consists of two white diamonds either side of a coloured gem such as sapphire, ruby, emerald or even an Argyle Certified pink diamond. See the collection Stelios designed, inspired by the Art Deco style.

pear shaped diamonds

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Once never even in contention as an engagement ring, now the pear shaped diamond engagement ring is extremely popular. (Huge kudos to Ariane Grande’s amazing pear-shaped stunner.) Either as an individual piece or surrounded by a halo of fiery diamonds, the pear shaped engagement ring is here to stay.

yellow and rose gold

Yellow and Rose Gold Bands

Platinum and white gold have had years of popularity and now, couples are looking to add some warmth to their hands as well as their hearts with yellow gold and rose gold bands.

The contemporary look of rose gold is very flattering to fair skinned brides while contemporary yellow gold bands are much easier to keep clean.


Bespoke Pieces

Sometimes there’s no other solution than to have your very own design made. That’s where Stelios Jewellers really excels, delivering an engagement ring to stand the test of your lifetime and become a family heirloom for generations. Find out more about Stelios’ design process here.

All it takes for your individuality to shine is to contact Stelios. We’re ready to commence designing when you’re ready to propose.

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