Every engagement ring is unique to the individual, and our coloured engagement rings are certainly no exception.

Bursting with character, our range of coloured engagement rings are available in a set of regal shades that will leave heads turning. At Stelios Jewellers, each diamond engagement ring has been exclusively created with style and uniqueness in mind.

From warm orange and yellow tones to the ever-cool sapphire or emerald green, your coloured engagement ring awaits. Simply choose from our ready-to-wear pieces or book a private consultation to discuss your desired custom ring design.

Coloured Engagement Ring Stones

Learn more about the marvellous gem stones that feature in our coloured engagement rings below:

  • Almost identical to a ruby, Spinel gemstones have become increasingly sought after due to its deep red and pink hues. Its bold demeanour is characteristic of the passionate flames of love.
  • Originating from the colonial name of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Sapphire is much-loved for its striking blue colour embodiment of good fortune.
  • Encapsulating the values of loyalty and trust, the Green Sapphire makes a beautiful accompaniment to any coloured engagement ring.
  • Emerald gemstones are known for symbolising nurturing love and vitality of the spirit, none other than the perfect qualities in any chosen partner.
  • Padparadscha Sapphire fuses both pink and orange, reflecting the colours of a beautiful sunset. This is an enviable pick as it is an immensely rare gemstone.
  • Another rare gemstone, the Green Tsavorite is particularly eye-catching to all. This vibrant green gemstone is named after its initial site of discovery at Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

With this spectacular selection of ring stones and more for you to browse, you can benefit from the knowledge of our experts at your fingertips. To find out more about the gemstones we use and their symbolism, please book an appointment to visit our showroom.

Coloured Stones Sourced by Stelios

Our coloured engagement rings are thoughtfully crafted with the finest gems and diamonds sourced from all across the globe.

Rest assured knowing that our coloured stones are sourced ethically and crafted to your engagement ring specifications in-store. Harnessing the power and beauty of these coloured gemstones, we are set on creating an engagement ring truly beautiful and unique for you.

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Whether acting as a centrepiece or a complementary side diamond, our Pink Diamonds are a truly gorgeous element to include in your final engagement ring design.

Both subtle and breathtaking, this coloured diamond features a shade of pink that catches the light brilliantly. If you are searching for an engagement ring that speaks for itself, our pink diamond engagement rings are a standout.

Shop Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Leap into a world of vibrancy with our coloured diamond or stone engagement rings, perfectly poised and ready for you to wear.

Finding you the perfect engagement ring is our ultimate mission. Please contact Stelios Jewellers to discuss any custom designs, or book an appointment to view our coloured engagement rings in the comfort of our Perth showroom.